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Roligo is an innovative financial group that specializes in the formation of a diverse and wide range of business.

The group’s extensive portfolio of companies benefits from years of professional experience, an unparalleled network, as well as the backing of two notable partners who are involved in the day-to-day endeavors of the group.

These pioneering financial leaders integrate a hands-on approach with a fresh, entrepreneurial perspective of the financial world. Partnering with various industry leaders, Roligo maintains a wide variety of funds and companies, each specializing in a different sector.

Driven by the spirit and guidance of the group’s founders, Roligo is an unmatched investment powerhouse that is committed to marking new territories.
This is true synergy at its best and it is the basis for numerous success stories across a wide range of markets.

Our Founders

Roni Biram and Gil Deutsch are the founders and the driving forces behind Roligo. They bring with them unparalleled professional experience and insights as seasoned financial pioneers and innovative leaders, who, with notable success, have revolutionized the Israeli capital markets with their unique financial approach and keen senses.

Roni and Gil founded Excellence Investments in 1992, and in 1994 took the company public and listed it on the Israeli stock exchange.

Excellence quickly grew to become Israel’s second largest investment house. With over 700 employees, and managing assets of ~USD 25bn, it became a significant market leader in terms of both innovation and profitability.

Pioneering Excellence

Guided by Roni and Gil’s expertise and keen sense of the financial world, Excellence demonstrated financial ingenuity and a pioneering approach.

Excellence penetrated to new territories and developed innovative financial instruments, such as Kesem Index Funds, the first ETFs in the Israeli market, as well as through mergers and acquisitions, such as the merger and acquisition of Nessuah Zannex, the acquisition of Prisma mutual funds and Mizrahi Bank provident funds.

Excellence achieved an exponentially fast growth rate, both internally and externally, by continuously establishing new activities. In 2010 Roni and Gil sold their share in Excellence to the Pheonix Group at a company value of $500M.

Leveraging Excellence Into the Future

After the sale of Excellence, throughout years of activity, Roni and Gil leveraged their experience and know-how and founded new businesses and funds in various fields, including finance, real estate, debt, energy and infrastructure.

Today, they are eager to continue to put forth their pioneering approach and innovative outlook within the financial world, as they spearhead a new branding for theirs holding company: ROLIGO.

Leveraging it’s founders’ combined successes and unique perspective, and backed by a highly capable and experienced team, Roligo is ready to bring forth new breakthroughs within new territories and business arenas across the globe.
The Roligo Promise:
Financial Entrepreneurship
We are committed to leading an entrepreneurial approach to capital markets. This commitment is reflected in the industries we work in, the investments we carry out, and the people we choose to work with.

Our brand DNA, “Marking New Territories”, means that we are continuously in pursuit of what’s next. We pay close attention to where the markets are going, what people are interested in and what the future holds in store.

Our Team

Orly Kyram
Orly Kyram

Orly has been involved in all of the group’s activities since 1998 and is focused on all its financial endeavors. She works in close proximity with the group’s leadership team and is actively involved in the entrepreneurial activities of the group. Her experience includes various senior roles she has held throughout her career, including CEO and Chairman of the Board at Sunflower Sustainable Investments, CFO at Excellence Investments and Senior Manager at BDO. Orly is a licensed CPA in Israel and holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from Hebrew University, an LLM – Masters in Law from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University (Executive Program).

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