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Roligo Ventures

Roligo Ventures manages and conducts the entrepreneurial activities under Roligo Group.
This innovative entity develops new funds and business initiatives in collaboration with entrepreneurs from various sectors.

Roligo Ventures has the knowhow and expertise required to identify innovative ideas and transform them into successful businesses. As an entrepreneurial entity, Roligo Ventures continuously seeks out new opportunities. These include taking part in novel, scalable initiatives which have the capacity to yield assets, rollups, funds and innovative financial operations.

Roligo takes entrepreneurs’ ideas and makes them come true with its unmatched advantages to develop new ventures

From Vision to Value

Roligo unique, unparalleled knowhow in developing and managing funds, along with its vast experience and expertise, are vital for shaping business models and creating accurate business structures for large and successful businesses.

Highly seasoned and experienced in company IPOs, throughout the years we have established personal and solid relationships with institutional and private investors for the purpose of raising the required funding for initiatives.

Roligo offers seed money investments for funds, or initial equity for new businesses, and provide support for entrepreneurs during all phases of the business life cycle; contributing experience, connections and its renowned reputation to lead them towards the realization of their vision.

Want to collaborate with us?

If you are an entrepreneur and are interested in exploring ways to collaborate with us, we would be happy to hear from you.
We are always open to exploring interesting joint ventures with fresh, creative and forward thinking entrepreneurs who are in the process of transforming an innovative idea into a viable business.

If you feel like you are a relevant candidate for us, please let us know. We are firm believers in professional synergy and mutual breakthroughs that lead to ultimate success stories.

Please leave us your information and a short description of your business, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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