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An Israeli infrastructure investment fund, founded as part of the Israeli government’s policy to promote and encourage investments in infrastructure in Israel, including water, wastewater and waste projects, energy infrastructure, transportation and PPP projects.

  • Publicly traded company (TASE)
  • Infrastructure REIT
  • Established in 2019
Main Investments:

Operator’s Group – Road 6, Carmel Tunnels and Netivei HaTzafon

Ramat Hovav Power Plant

Desalination Plant in Ashkelon

TEAS project, Fiber optic system (marine and underground) that will connect India to
Europe via the Middle East

Sunflower Sustainable Investments Ltd

A publicly traded company (TASE) with investments in sustainable renewable energy since 2007.
Founded by Roni Biram and Gil Deutsch and today controlled by Keystone.

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